Dalhousie Castle Hotel and Aqueous Spa

Reigning supreme
Scotland’s Oldest Inhabited Castle 

Brimming with over 700 years of history, Dalhousie Castle is the kind of place that could have been plucked from the pages of a fairy-tale. But make no mistake, this ancient castle with its complex arrangement of turrets and towers is very much the real McCoy. Once the seat of the Ramsay Clan, the castle boasts an illustrious guest list that includes King Edward I, Sir Walter Scott, Oliver Cromwell and Queen Victoria. Today the castle’s long tradition of hospitality continues and you can still be assured a royal welcome and the highest standards of food and service at this fine four-star hotel.

Please note that despite our best efforts it is has not been possible to install a lift in the castle. Instead we invite you to start discovering the castle from the moment you arrive, taking in every nook and cranny and peeking behind unlocked doors and to satisfy your curiosity on the way to your bedchamber.