Child taking pictures at Dalhousie Castle

A great experience for the whole family

Children are not excluded from Falconry Experiences, try flying two of our owls !

Relax in the Orangery

Enjoy views over the estate and Falconry Mews

After your Falconry Experience, relax in the Orangery - An informal venue perfect for a drink or lite bite overlooking the Mews.

Additional Falconry Experiences

Children’s Activities - 45 minutes, £25 per child
The Children’s Activities are designed for children up to the age of 12 years old. The experience is spent flying two of our owls, who have extremely gentle, playful and tactile personalities. The Mews house a variety of species of varying sizes to cater for any age, from our small and very cheeky Mexican Striped Owl ‘Nimue’ to our large and irresistibly soft Great Grey Owl ‘Navajo’.

Guaranteed to thrill any child, they will put on the falconer’s glove and fly the owls for the duration of the activity. As the owl swoops to their glove, they will also learn more about these magical creatures. The Children’s Activities can also be incorporated into a larger bespoke package for the whole family to take part in. Please enquire to one of our falconers to discuss your needs.

The Hawk Walk - 45 minutes, £40 per person
Enjoy an invigorating walk around the grounds accompanied by one of our energetic and exciting Harris Hawks. As you take in the stunning natural scenery of the Dalhousie Castle grounds, our hawk will fly alongside through the trees until you call him in to the glove.

These birds can amaze with their speed and agility as well as their versatility. On the hawk walk, our hawk must weave with great agility through the trees, glide with precision over the open field and swoop down from on high to the glove. As well as its aerial prowess, the Harris Hawk is an extraordinarily intelligent and cooperative creature. On your walk, you will learn about the unique pack-hunting style and biology of these fascinating raptors.

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