Five Day Falconry Course

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The Five Day Falconry Course

The Five Day Falconry Course is designed for those who would like to consider owning a bird of prey. Each course is run on an individual basis and is tailored to your requirements and what you would like to achieve, whether it be taking on an owl for personal flying or taking part in falconry with a hunting hawk. The course is designed to cover the skills, equipment and knowledge necessary for an individual to be competent to look after their own bird of prey, inclusive of the following:

Housing and furniture
Equipment and leatherworking
Food preparation and diet
Health and hygiene
Coping and imping
Biology and physiology
Weight control
Handling and Training
Hunting and land

Our courses are designed to include as much hands-on time as possible to give you confidence and competence to manage and fly your own bird. We believe that falconers do not stop learning and an important aspect of our courses is that we are always happy to hear from you again after the course has ended with any thoughts you might have.

Five Day Falconry Course - £360 per person. Advance reservations essential.